Scratch Recipes

Scratch Recipes
          This index contains most of the recipes 
you'll find here on Maple Hill 101.
These are some of our favorite family meals.
(All chicken/fish/turkey recipes
can be found on the allergy-friendly page,
right next to this one.)
My hope is that you find something new to try
so that you can support a healthy, scratch-cooked lifestyle!

all day bread
banana bread
barefoot bread
cheddar bits
Jenna's bread
no-knead bread
omgosh whole wheat bread
parker rolls 
pizza dough
pot pie crust

banana nut muffins
blueberry pancakes
club soda pancakes
morning glory muffins
apple pie
blueberry cobbler 
buttery pecan cookies
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate mocha cake
chocolate shortbread cookies
congo bars
creamy fudge pops 
eggless chocolate peanut butter cookies
melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin cheesecake
Mimi's madeleines
no-sugar peanut butter cups
pecan pie muffins
pecan sandies
primary school cookies
ricotta cheese cookies
simple frozen yogurt 
baked spaghetti
classic mac-n-cheese
creamy bowtie pasta
crockpot lasagna
mac-n-cheese with a kick
mac with a twist
midnight pasta
penne for your thoughts
penne with white bean sauce 
carrot salad
pasta salad
potato salad
potato-egg salad 
simple summer salad

grilled pineapple
kale chips
no-frills homemade yogurt
nut butter
parmesan crackers
peanut butter   
tortilla chips
white bean hummus                                     

armadillo potatoes
baked spaghetti squash 
crockpot scalloped potatoes
easy eggplant
eggplant fritters
honey squash 

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