Thursday, November 24, 2022

Friday, November 4, 2022

Garden Friday

Welcome back to Garden Friday!
We're sharing what's growing on 
in our Zone 7b Piedmont garden.

Our veggie garden is making progress.
Several leeks were transplanted into raised beds,
but I sure wish I had planted more.

The garlic is up!
The entire bed germinated,
so no reseeding was neccessary.
This crop will be harvested in May or June.

An additional 20 or so cloves were planted
at the same time
along the border of our front flower bed.
Since I couldn't stop there,
I decided to add a few more to this area yesterday.
Can you ever have enough garlic?

Ooooh, the kale is lookin' good!
Having sampled some (just to make sure),
I can assure you that it is crunchy and sweet.
This is another of my favorite things to eat.
There are several varieties planted,
including lacinato, Siberian and Vates kale.

A new variety to me, Curly Roja,
finds space in another of the smaller raised beds.

Although some of the cabbages have been munched,
this beauty is coming along nicely.
This is the first year I've grown cabbage to this stage.
I think covering the beds when they were small
helped them get a leg up on the growing season.

Snap peas were added to a couple of the beds.
I haven't thus far had much success with this crop,
although it's one of the tastiest snacks in the garden.
Try, try again.
The cover crops are filling in the beds
that aren't being used this season.
The bonus is that the chooks love the taste!
Some for the bed, some for them.

I'm about halfway through the wood chip pile,
which is a good thing, 
because we are planning on having some tree trimming done
at the beginning of the year,
so another load will be added to this spot.

Most of the spent perennials have been removed
from the pollinator bed.
A fall cover crop was sown and is popping up.
Some of our ornamental plants are breezing right through.
The yarrow just doesn't quit.
This will need to be divided in the spring.
I'll find somewhere to put it,
or give some away to other gardeners.

The orange mums that kept company with these purple ones 
were removed, as they started petering out.
I'm not sure if they were simply crowded out,
or if it was user error.
These need to be relocated,
as they are spilling over onto the walkway.

Coneflowers are still blooming!
I never tire of their cheery perfection.

This bush daisy adds a bit of brightness 
to the front porch bed.
I like the combination of purple and yellow.

The girls are doing well.
Most have gotten all their feathers back
after a molting period.
They enjoy snacks in their Omlet treat caddy,
as well as cabbage or kale that we hang up on a hook.
They are one of the best things about our homestead.
 Life is just better with chickens.