Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021


Hoping that you have much to feel thankful for on this day.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Garden Friday

Welcome back to Garden Friday,
where we share what's been going on in our Piedmont garden.
This plant was acquired last year from a local vendor
who decided to get out of the plant selling business
and gave them away for free!
Sure wish I had grabbed a couple more,
because these beauties are giving us abundant color in late fall.

The yarrow seems to be bouncing back,
despite our temperatures in the 30s and 40s.
This is one of the best plants for pollinators.
There are also some Shasta daisies and California poppies near the brick wall.

The salvia just won't quit, no matter how cold it gets.
I expected this plant to die back with the frosts and freezes,
but it's still popping out color like nobody's business!

The liriope is tucked near some of the raised beds
and seems to be unfazed by the cold and wind.
I love using this as a border plant,
because it asks very little and doesn't overtake the spot.

The lantana has not fared as well as some.
It didn't like the cold one bit,
although with as many weeks of color as its given us,
I really can't complain.
Hopefully, it will come back next year.

The nasturtiums in the vegetable beds are about ready to come out.
They thrive in the heat of summer and give us months of color.
Seed has been saved so that we can plant it again when the season starts up.

The loofah was harvested, 
although it had not yet fully dried on the vine.
I am leaving it outside on the porch in the sun,
hoping that it will continue to dry out.
One of my projects this weekend will be to
peel the loofah that are starting to dry,
to see if it's a bit easier to do at this stage.
Most of this will be given away.

The leaf mulching has begun.
I began the process of creating leaf piles on the lawn,
so that all I have to do is take our handy-dandy backpack mulcher,
and create wonderful, rich mulch for our beds.
I'll never need to buy mulch again!
The stuff is GOLD!

This has been a beautiful fall,
with leaves of every hue gracing us along our way.
Here are a few glimpses of neighborhood trees
in all their glory.

 I hope you are enjoying some fall color
and the magical feeling that comes with autumnal changes.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Garden Friday

It's time again for Garden Friday!
We are relishing our autumnal weather,
and were even blessed with a smattering of precipitation.
Our pansies are enjoying their time in the rain.

The cover crops are filling in 
and will create a warm, cozy blanket for one of our 3X8 beds.

The garlic is growing well, especially considering our colder temperatures.
I sowed a few extra cloves from some of last year's garlic,
as we had some bare patches.

The cattle panel frames have been placed on some of the beds
for the winter, just in case we need to put row covers on.
These did a great job last year to keep out the cold.

The lettuce is still fairly slow growing,
and even the starts that were purchased aren't doing much.
I fertilized them this week with worm compost tea,
so we'll see if it helps them along.

I was surprised to find peas growing on the pea vines.
They kind of snuck up on me, 
but I'm so happy they are here.

I need to take some time to do a bit more clean up,
like cutting these irises down for the winter.
Once the foliage starts flopping over and turning brown,
it's time to put them to bed.
Some of them will be transplanted to other areas.

Some of the lavender didn't do well.
The gap shown here used to be lavender.
It may not be getting enough sun,
as it is planted directly under our crape myrtle.
It will most likely call another place home come spring.
One of its uses is to keep the chicken coop smelling good.

Leaves, leaves, leaves!
It's that time again to repopulate my leaf mulch pile,
and we've got plenty of leaves to get started.
Leaf mulch has done a tremendous job
in keeping weeds down in the flower beds.
It also adds nutrients to the soil in the veggie garden.
And best of all, they're free!

These nasturtium seeds are drying inside.
They are sown in the corners of our raised beds,
to attract pollinators to our vegetables,
by providing nectar to those who thrive on it.

Just by taking this step,
I am assured another season of these beautiful (and edible) flowers.

I have yet to plant the bulbs I was recently gifted.
I should still have some time, as our ground never really freezes.
I hope I didn't just jinx myself!

For those who were concerned about Gandalf,
he is doing much better and acting more like himself.
He still has a way to go to fully heal,
but it's heartwarming to see him once again strutting around the coop.
We will be starting a project to keep the chooks better protected.
The dog who injured him has not yet been caught,
but he visits our neighborhood almost daily.

Autumn has been delightful thus far,
and we are patting ourselves on the back
for our decision to move here a few years ago.
Once again living with the seasons was a great idea.
Are you enjoying some seasonal living?