Lil' guy C was thrilled when Legoland opened up nearby!
It was 5 minutes from where we lived in Florida.
Pour a cup a joe and enjoy some of his past creations.

Time for a coffee break!

blacksmith's shop

Useful stuff

Three-stall potty

broken potty

Private Potty-
Okay, we're a little obsessed with potties around here...

Lego Intersection

"I tell ya man, every third blink is slower."-
Philmore from Cars

You've got mail!

Newspaper, anyone?

For the artiste!

Cell phone

Welcome to my man, er, boy cave.

What more do you need than a tv and a potty?


Steve from MineCraft

Goomba from Mario Brothers

Koopa troopas and Koopa paratroopas


The Mario Crew

Ms. Pac-Man & Pac-Man

Mater from "Cars"

Kit and homemade versions of Mater from "Cars".

Wall-e & Eva

CDA's from Monster's Inc.

The Earth on the right and its remote on the left.
What a concept!


The first robotic mouse
using the Mindstorms robotic set.

Robotic Mouse #2

Robotic Mouse Hotel
Mice check in, but they don't check out!


John Deere 9000 series tractor and Ejector Scraper

Welder robot

Air cannon


Robotic catapult

Walker, the robot


Candy wrapper crusher

Saberling paper shredder

Checkout scanner...BEEEEEEEP!

Tribot- robot can grasp and move objects for you!

Mindcuber solves the Rubik's cube!

Need a lift?

Garbage truck

Police car

"Flintstones" tow truck

Modified Creator Mini Dumper

Police in pursuit

Disney parking lot tram

Disney Monorail

Disney Monorail (close)

Baby buggy

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm prototype

Pull-down lever

Fire alarm pull station

Working lock inside and moveable panel

Fire alarm with speaker and strobe

Fire alarm panel

Fire alarm pull station with "glass panel"

Storm Chasers

Storm Chaser "Scout" truck


The DOW (Doppler on Wheels) and
TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle)

Sean Casey and his TIV
(He's the guy who takes IMAX pix of tornadoes.)