Friday, July 8, 2016

No Knead Bread

I love me some homemade bread.
There's nothing like the smell of it baking,
and the taste of it, fresh out of the oven,
slathered with butter makes me swoon.

Because of  recent health issues, 
I have much less energy
than a year ago.
Although I love making my own bread,
this change in my health makes it almost impossible at times.
There are days when it's all I can do to stay awake 
to get my work done.
 But that's a post for another day.

Once you're used to homemade bread,
it's really difficult to go back to store bought.
It spoils you
and leaves you feeling deprived if you have to do without.
The bread at the grocery store just isn't the same.
I knew I needed a better solution.

This recipe allows me to have homemade bread
without the kneading.
It practically makes itself.
The inside is dense, chewy, and it has a crispy crust
that makes the most marvelous sound when bitten into.
Although it's not as favored as my usual bread,
it satisfies like no store bought bread can do.

It's a fabulous recipe for those of us 
who find it too physically demanding to knead
and don't own a stand mixer to do it for us.
It would also be great for someone dealing with arthritis
or limited manual dexterity.
The original recipe is available below,
and the author shows her adorable 4-year old making the bread! 
I am so grateful that I still get to have homemade,
and look forward to many more of these loaves
coming out of our oven.
I hope you'll give it a go!

No Knead Bread
3 C bread flour 
1/4 t instant yeast
1 t salt
1 1/2 C warm water (110 degrees)
(You'll need a large pot that can go into a 450 degree oven.)

1.  Mix dough the night before you want to bake it.
Combine ingredients, mix until just incorporated,
and then cover with plastic wrap.
Leave on counter 12-20 hours.

2.  On a floured surface,
dump the dough (which will be very wet),
and fold the sides into the middle,
then the top and bottom into the center,
forming into a ball shape.
Place dough on large sheet of parchment paper, 
and then place this into a large mixing bowl.
Let it sit, covered, for 2 hours at room temperature.
At about the 1 1/2 hour mark, preheat the oven to 450 degrees
and place the empty baking vessel into the oven.

3.  Take pot out of oven with oven mitts.
Place dough in parchment paper into the pot.
Cover, bake 30 minutes.
Uncover, bake an additional 15-20 minutes.

Cool 10-20 minutes.

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