Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 142

Maple Hill Hop

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Today we return to Farm School,
where we are updating some of our recent tasks
at Faye & Lynn's 7,000 square-foot container garden.

Summertime is not our peak growing season.
Due to our heat, humidity,
and an abundance of bugs,
it's a difficult time for a vegetable gardener.
Here are three crops that are faring well
so far this season.   

About a month ago,
we showed you how our pigeon peas were doing.
They germinated well and haven't needed much care.  

Four weeks later,
you can see how much they've grown.
We have spotted some leaf rollers on them,
but they seem to be holding their own.
The insects are hand-picked and sent to their doom.
Each of these plants will grow upwards of 5 feet tall,
and provide us with oodles of podded peas.
We profiled this crop here.  

Another new crop we're trying this summer
is Malabar spinach.
Here it is newly sprouting,
about 4 weeks ago. 

With ample rain, it's coming right along.
This is a new crop for us,
so we are enjoying learning about its growth habits.
I sampled some and it is quite an unusual texture.
The tender leaves were very subtle in flavor,
and almost seem to melt in your mouth.

I'm looking forward to using this food source
in a variety of ways to add more nutrition to my diet.

One summer staple that Faye & Lynn
have had consistent success with is okra.
This crop is undaunted by the scorching sun
and constant soaring temperatures.
Lynn has almost 500 okra plants growing. 

 Once this crop starts blooming,
the okra is on its way.

Being a Yankee,
I never had a yearning to add this to my plate.
Since sampling pickled okra,
I'm a believer.
I plan to have this planted in my garden
during the finicky summer days of growing.
Good to know at least something can stand the heat,
even if this gardener can't.

That's what's happening where we are.
How 'bout you?
HOP to it! 




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