Monday, March 26, 2012

Jenna's Bread

Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm
got me started on this whole blogging thing.
She also inspired me to take a look at my life as it was
and start creating more of what I wanted.
Not bad for a 20-something year old whom I've never met.
I can't be grateful enough for the nudge toward homesteading she has given me.
It's been my calling all along,
and I never knew it until I read her book,


One of the best things I've done on this journey
is to bake bread from scratch.
Having been a lover of this life sustainer
for as long as I can remember,
it was important for me to be able
to provide my family with bread of a high quality.
It is a gift to myself whenever it comes out of the oven,
filling the kitchen with the most intoxicating aroma.
There's just nothing like homemade bread.

Here's a recipe I got from Jenna.
Enjoy it- and soon!
You'll be glad you did!

Basic Bread
(Jenna Woginrich)

2 C water
2  yeast
1 t honey
4 T butter
2 T vegetable oil
1 t salt
5-6 C bread flour

Warm water to not hotter than 120 degrees in a glass
measuring cup.  Add yeast, honey, and oil.
Let proof 10 minutes (yeast should be bubbly).
Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Whisk to sift.
Add wet to dry, including butter.  Mix until incorporated with wooden spoon.
Let rise in oiled bowl (the same one you mixed it in)
until doubled.  Cut dough in half.  Place each half into
loaf pans.  Allow dough to rise until doubled again.
Bake at 425 degrees 35-45 minutes, covering halfway
to avoid burning.  Let cool 20 minutes before slicing,
if you can wait that long.  The smell is insanely good.
Makes 2 loaves or 16 large rolls*.

*If you need buns for sandwiches or burgers,
just take 1/2 the original dough recipe
and tear off about a palmful
and roll it into a ball.  Let rise until doubled
and then bake about 15-20 minutes.