Friday, March 30, 2012

Great American Clean-Up

As part of our adopt-a-road project,
we periodically tidy up a local county road.
It's a program that can be found in most states.
Throughout the early spring season,
various cities host what's known as
The Great American Clean-Up.

If you've ever thought of trying to find a
worthwhile volunteer activity
for your family, club, place of worship
or other group association,
I hope you'll consider this one.
You can make a difference with very little time invested.

In preparation for our next clean-up,
the office that supplies us with garbage bags,
gloves and even handled pickers
shared with us loads of tickseed,
otherwise known as coreopsis.

If you'd like some, just contact me here
Coreopsis flowers. Click to enlarge.

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The Great American Clean-up,