Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Simple Thing-Grocery Shopping

Until we can become more self-sufficient,
we need to get our groceries at the store.
I thought it might be helpful to share
the process I use to get this weekly chore tackled.

First, I refer to my menu-by-the-month plan
to see what is on tap for the week's meals.
Items needed for the week's dishes
are added to the list.

As I mainly shop at one particular grocery store,
the list is made out according to the shop's layout,
aisle by aisle.

Next, I check the online ad for special offers,
especially the BOGO (buy one, get one free) deals.
Stocking up on these makes good fiscal sense.

Lastly, these three sites are scoured for coupons:


Any coupon that can be used
within the next month is printed out,
even if it's not needed for this week's shopping trip.

I get to the store early on Saturday morning,
usually between 8 and 9 a.m.
Parking spaces are easy to find,
there's no waiting at the deli counter,
and aisles are clear of shoppers.
It makes the experience so much easier and quicker.

When checking out, like items are placed together.
Refrigerated items are unloaded first,
along with produce and meat.
Then cans, bottles, boxes and paper products.
This makes it so much simpler
to unpack your groceries at home.
The cloth shopping bags are kept
 next to the garage door,
so that they're handy on the way out.

Shopping is not one of my favorite things,
but this system gets me outta there in no time
so I can start enjoying my weekend!

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