Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laundry, Organized

We're pressing on with our new year's resolution
to be more organized.
The focus is on making the house
feel roomy to potential buyers,
despite its modest 1700 square footage.

One of the things I was most grateful for when I became a homeowner was having my own laundry room.
Having lived in apartments during my young
adulthood, a trip to the laundry room
seemed like such a waste of time.
It's so wonderful to be able to throw a load
into the machine and get something else done.
A laundry room is a great project to do
if you're not sure where to start.
It's small and manageable.
It may even motivate you to work on other parts of the house!


We put this cabinet up when we moved in.  The existing
wire shelving was replaced by Big K.  He can't stand the stuff.
Contained here were cleaning supplies,
paper and plastic bags,
shoe polishing supplies and bleach used for the washer.


I simply moved the cleaning supplies to the left,
as they required more space.
The rarely used stuff is on the right.
Sometimes you just need to step back and rethink the practical things.

I also stashed a small sewing kit on the upper left shelf,
next to big K's shoe polish.
I donated most of the bags to the farmer
we buy some of our produce from.
She is always in need of bags for her customers
who forget to bring their own.
A few strong ones were saved, in case I need them for taking purged items to the local charity.


We have a storage rack next to the machines
for extra supplies.
We stock up for hurricane season every year,
so this is a great out-of-the-way place to station them.
It had gotten a little out of hand as of late.


The top section houses the backpack I use every day
(I don't do purses)
and drinks...


while the bottom holds our grocery bags, so they are right by the garage when Saturday's grocery shopping comes along.
Yard shoes keep dirt outside.

I'm lovin' all the space left over.


The machines we bought came with optional drawers.
I never turn down extra storage!
This just needed some cleaning up
to think about what was really needed to be kept here.


It's nice to have some tubs available for soaking things or
other types of heavy-duty cleaning around the house. 
This drawer holds two such tubs and
we keep our small A/C filters here too.
Wish I could use those clothespins,
but our HOA doesn't allow clotheslines. 


Our washing detergent rests here (see the bags on the left?)
and several rolls of paper towels fit on the other side.
(Looks like I better put those on our list.)
I also keep a lingerie bag here for delicates.
These drawers are somewhat adjustable,
so they can be changed should the need arise.

There is a wall hanger for our mop,
feather duster and dustpan.
I plan on purchasing an over-the-door bracket to
hang our stepstool, which is usually found next to the washer.
Getting things off the floor is one of the most helpful things.
It just makes everything look like it has a place.

It's coming together. 
The feeling I get from having things organized
is one of peace and deep satisfaction. 
It keeps me focused on
being grateful for all I have by taking care
of what I have been blessed with.
It's the intention I plan to pass on...



  1. Please stop by my place since you're in the mood...(evil grin)

  2. Your before's look better than my afters!

  3. Homesteading Quest-Thanks!

    tami-I'd love to!


  4. I love it!! I like how you are storing the bottles too, I never thought of laying them down. Silly thing to say I guess but you can get inspiration from anything@

  5. Thanks, Beth. Yeah, sometimes it helps to see things in a different way. Not silly at all!


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