Monday, May 2, 2011

We Got Water, Folks!

Last week we did something that should have been done
when we first bought this house.
We got hooked up to our own water.

As is evident by the bare patches in the front yard,
rain water is the only thing that seems
to keep this grass going.
Since rain is scarce here, a well is the next best thing.
We had the choice to continue replacing sod
to avoid fines from the HOA,
or installing a well to keep the grass growing.

Although the equipment looked like something
out of a museum, it did the job.  
The owner of the company said he's been
doing this kind of work for 30 years.
How many people can say that nowadays?

They went about their work,
finding a spot on the side of the house.
Fortunately, our electric and water access
are on the same side of the house.
It costs more if it's not.

Nice jacuzzi, huh?

The actual drilling took the longest.
It still required some hands-on work.

Although I'm grateful there's water to be had,
I'm not crazy about the idea that we had to spend $1600
to keep fines at bay due to something beyond our control.
I'm trying to look at it as one more step in our
drive to be more self-sufficient.
It'll make our home more attractive to buyers,
so we thought it would pay off in the end.

The kicker is that Big K suggested I go out
and buy a few plants to put around the pump area.
No need to ask me twice!

Our neighbor started us off with a peace lily.
Considering how I feel about
living under the rules of the HOA,
I'd say that's quite fitting.
Thanks for the reminder, God
to keep peace as my constant companion.