Monday, May 9, 2011

Myakka River State Park

For Mother's Day, we made our monthly state park visit.

Myakka River State Park is by far the largest
park we've been to this year.
The trees that surround this lush oasis
seem to go on for miles!

Trails are well-shaded, making for
an easy hiking experience.

The moss is a fascination to those
who hail from other regions.
It does add to the charm of Central Florida.

I found the shape of this tall beauty amusing.

 This boardwalk leads to a great spot
for bird watching.

This wader has found its own piece of paradise.

After being surrounded by a long, brown winter,
it's refreshing to see how effortlessly
Mother Nature has revived Herself in spring.

Several critters were spotted off the bridge
as we took our bike ride.
It's kind of scary to realize that they do not seem
to be even the least bit intimidated by humans.

Inside the visitor's center, you'll find information about
native Florida animal species, as well as interactive exhibits
and an ongoing film presentation.

We always sign the guest book. 
We found folks from as far as
North Carolina, Canada and New Zealand
had been there on this day.

The tower leading to the suspension bridge
was a highlight.

This solid tower stands 75 feet tall
and is quite the workout.  I could feel my calves
had woken up by the time we reached the fourth story.

Here's how it looks from the top.

Standing on the topmost platform,
the suspension bridge below.

There's a four-person limit on the bridge at any one time.
We decided that the almost two-hour trip was
made worthwhile by this feature alone.

The only drawback to going this month
is that it's lovebug season.
Needless to say, Big K had his work cut out for him
when we got back home.

This is one park we plan to revisit when the weather cools off.
There is a lot to see and do that we didn't have time for,
as we got a late start.
There are canoe rentals, a tram or boat ride,
and picnic areas with a playground.

Enjoying our state parks has been
so rewarding and humbling.
How blessed we are to take each step...


  1. How wonderful. What a great Mother's Day Adventure. I would have loved to see the gator in it's natural habitat. Also that bridge looks so much fun.

  2. Homesteading Quest-It was fun!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your special day.

  3. You can call me Rachel :) Yes, I had a very nice Mother's day with my parents, my husband and our two little girls.

  4. Rachel-Glad you enjoyed the day with your precious girls.


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