Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Backyard Landscaper by Ireland-Gannon Associates, Inc.
The Backyard Landscaper by Ireland-Gannon Assoc, Ire...

"Here is backyard living at its best!  Sequel to the immensely popular The Home Landscaper, this book contains 40 professionally designed landscape plans for backyards that homeowners can personally install or contract out. 
Plans are designed around nine themes, including:
Children's Play Yards
Backyards for Food Gardeners
Low-Maintenance Backyards
Backyards to Attract Wildlife
Backyards for Flower Gardeners
Backyards with Swimming Pools & Sports Courts"

This book is loaded with great ideas for every type of backyard.  From formal to casual, to edible to charmingly cottage-style, this how-to book offers a wealth of ideas for the homeowner looking to create a private oasis.  Having the visual plan for me is key.  As I have a difficult time putting my garden plan on paper, I can gaze at these sketches and find one that calls to me and incorporate my own ideas into it.  It's a great starting-off place for beginning landscapers or gardeners. 

As the plans are not detailed, contact information is provided for the reader, should one desire suggestions on specific plant choices, placement and site requirements.  It would seem easy enough to take one of these plans and apply the Florida-friendly Principals to it.  That way, the area created can be as hands-on or maintenance-free as is desired.  I can definitely use some guidance when it comes to planning my backyard refuge.  Maybe this book will nudge me closer to creating the sanctuary and wildlife habitat I wish to attain.