Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rattlebox Revisited

The yellow rattlebox is back to sprouting in the backyard.
I first blogged about this amazing orchid-like plant here.

Several have been planted next to the house
by the butterfly garden.
Something was needed to break up those blah grey walls.
Many more have been self-sown
all around the yard.
Can't ask for gardening any easier than that!

The sweet and delicate heads on the crowns of these beauties
are chartreuse-colored.

The seed pods are a similar color,
almost translucent in nature,
and yield a marvelous treasure-trove of goodies inside.

Here's what they look like after they dry on the stalk.

I harvested so many seeds last year,
yet oodles fell on the ground
and restarted themselves recently.
I'm happy to share if you'd like to
give this easy going plant a try!

The multitude of green leaves are lush and vibrant.

Climbing toward the heavens are these gorgeous
yellow blooms, just asking to be placed in a tall vase.

Like canaries spiraling toward the nest,
these gorgeous flowers just go on and on...

So delicate, yet so hearty.
Little care is given this plant and it thrives
on only the bare essentials.
Sometimes less really is more...

Wanna learn more?


  1. I see this blooming all along the roadsides here in Riverview. I have always thought it was very pretty. I will look at the website you mentioned for more info. I think finding wildflowers that work in a garden is like finding special treasure.

  2. I'd be happy to share seeds, if you're interested in starting some plants.

  3. Those really are pretty and the bloom appears so abundant. I'd like to try some. I'm assuming they like lots of sunshine???

  4. They'd do great in your garden!They love sunshine! Email me and I'll send you some seeds!


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