Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrifty and Grateful

A few treasures were found
when thrift store shopping the other day.
I may have to start a 12-step program for jar hoarders.
These are so cool with the glass tops.

I found a few just last month.
Imagine my surprise and delight to add another
to the collection!

The perfect home for one of my favorite things.

A gal's gotta stay well-stocked, after all!

These Pyrex bowls are the perfect size for cereal,
ice cream or in my case, my daily serving of oatmeal.
Four of the six for sale were picked up for 25 cents apiece!

The last thing I think about is clothes.
Don't like clothes shopping, trying on clothes,
deciding what goes with what.
This unusual long-sleeved shirt caught my eye.

The detail on the body and sleeves
is unlike anything I have in my closet.
I do like stuff that's different.

Purchasing used clothing never really occurred to me before.
Now I think about it as repurposing something practical.
The best part
is that I didn't have to step foot near a mall.
A true blessing in itself!