Saturday, April 16, 2011


We went thrifting the other day as part of our errands.
Ya never know what you'll find.
There's a lil' thrift store about 6 miles from here
that usually has something I can't live without.
I didn't expect to hit the jackpot though!

I just love glass jars.
There's something about them that touches
the very core of nostalgia in me.

These babies are thick with glass tops.
Since I plan on using them for storage,
I will be working on ridding the metal rings
of the rust.  I know some folks would say
to leave well enough alone,
but if I make a new acquisition, I use it.
There is not much in our home that isn't utilitarian.

How rich I feel this morning.
How blessed.
I've had glass jars on my "internal" vision board
for quite some time.
Something so small, yet so appreciated.
The Universe is a wonderful provider.
What's on your inner vision board?