Thursday, April 7, 2011


I collect otters.
It's something I started in my 20's I guess.
This assortment was pared down
a few years ago.  We donated many in the collection
to a local school with an otter mascot.

I've already decided that I'd like
to come back in my next life as an otter...
Talk about living a joyfully!
They personify the word!
I could learn a lesson from them...

This one plays music.

Love, love, love these silver and blue earrings.

Most of my outgoing letters get stamped with one of these.

Just look at that face...
What's not to love?


  1. Love the socks and the sleepy pants!

  2. Oh Daisy, I used to sit on my porch and watch the otters in the river until I would make myself get up and do something! They are so funny and lively! They would sit the fresh water clams on their bellies and have breakfast! I can see why you love them so!

  3. One time I saw a story on a baby orphan otter that they had to fly to Alaska. It got to ride with the trainer in the seats. That little baby cried the whole time, but it was the cutest darn thing I ever saw. It finally made it to Alaska to be put in a rehab with an older, experienced female. They were hesitant at first, but she grabbed that baby up and took it as her own. How does that not melt your heart.

  4. tami-They are sooooooooo warm!

    Lisa-Yup. They are one of the few animals that know how to use tools to feed themselves! Smart cookies!

    Jane-What a great story! They are the sweetest things...

  5. Otters are VERY fun to observe. You have quite the collection to remind you of their carefree antics and behavior. I could learn a few lessons from them as well.

  6. Meems-They are just the dearest things...


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