Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got Heat? No Problem!

I picked up these beauties at the recent
Spring Obsession last month.
What a wonderful idea that turned out to be!

These Florida-friendly plants are thriving in the heat.
With minimal watering and almost full-day sun,
they have already grown three times
the size they were when I bought them a few weeks back.

These will most likely get divided once they stop blooming.
I would love to pair them with something
in the purple or blue family.
Maybe salvia?

The tall spikes of bright yellow blooms
pour out of thick tufts of green foliage.
I'd call them spires of sunshine.


Bulbine has become a popular plant in Florida because it is drought tolerant, grows well in poor soils, and blooms repeatedly with cheerful flowers that are yellow or orange, depending on the variety. It is suited for gardens in USDA Zones 9-11 and is hardy to the low 20s.

It makes a great ground cover since each plant will grow over time to form a clump that can reach up to four feet wide. This clumping habit also makes bulbine
a great passalong plant.

The succulent, grass-like foliage grows to about a foot tall, while the flower stalks typically reach two feet, dancing above the leaves throughout the summer months."

The foliage alone is amazing.
It reminds me of green pasta.
Maybe it's the Italian in me.

How sweet are those flowers?
We presently only water twice per week,
so I've been checking on these
to see if they needed any supplemental water.
When everything else in the garden is sweltering,
these glorious wonders of nature
just keep on blooming and growing.

I'll be looking for more of these at an upcoming garden event.
Next to natives, Florida-friendly is the way to go.
They leave a gardener feeling very satisfied.