Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frontier Woman by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith

Frontier Women
"This illustrated overview of women in the American West explores the diversity of that region while recognizing that women from vastly different cultures shared many common concerns-whether they lived in teepees in the mountains of Idaho, adobe homes in southwestern Colorado, or tar-paper shacks on the plains of South Dakota.  By looking at the ways in which some of these women met the challenges of keeping themselves and their families housed, fed, and clothed, Frontier Women celebrates the contributions women made to the settling of the West and suggests the ways in which their lives shaped-and were shaped by-the region in which they lived."

If you enjoy reading about the history of our country, you'll enjoy this book.  If you're a woman who enjoys history, you'll love it.  Chocked with vintage photographs and first person accounts of life on the prairie, mountain, and reservation, each perspective brings a renewed respect for the women who forged this nation.  This book helped me see things from the viewpoint of a woman who not only was responsible for tending her family's needs, but oftentimes had to take charge of the homestead while her husband was away for long periods of time.  I never thought to realize how lonely this way of life could be for the many brave women who ventured west in an uncertain time.  I marvel at how many survived and managed to grow families, food and communities in such harsh conditions.  We are an amazing breed...