Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Crisp Spring Morning

How surprisingly cool it's been in the mornings.
A good time to take a slow stroll around
and see what's popping up!

This is a bed in the front of our house.
I found these allyssum plants on the "dead" rack
for 25 cents apiece.
All they needed was a little TLC.

 I added some Florida natives a couple of months ago. 
With each plant show I attend,
I acquire more natives. 
It's the way to go.
I found a vendor at the Lakeland Farmer's Market
who sells natives.  I'll have to make an effort
to get there on Saturdays.
It's coming along...

My beloved daisies.
They just make you feel cheery.

Don't these look so old-fashioned? 
Love 'em!

I love how this bloom seems almost like
those tissue paper flowers we made in elementary school.
And the delicate white points on the ends
remind me of pearls.

This is the first time I've tried to grow phlox.
I could see this planted en masse and
creating a wave effect.
Love the variety of colors!

The butterfly garden is pretty full.
There may be room to fit a couple of more
little ole' seeds in there,
whatchathink?  ;0)