Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let the Obsession Begin!

The Spring Obsession Festival was lovely. 
The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor event. 
  We got a late start and I had to get back home for work,
so I didn't have as much time to amble through
as I would have liked.

It was wonderful to spend time among
so much grace and beauty.
The best part of the adventure was that
I met a local native gardener
who does her own propagating for resale! 

The first stop at the festival was the free sample table!
I picked up two small starters of pansies for the garden.

It felt so good to know that I was surrounded by
folks who love gardening as much as I do.

Some real bargains were to be had!

Several decorated rain barrels on display
were also for purchase.

Booths carried everything from ferns to orchids
to Florida-friendly to artistic container arrangements.

Wouldn't these be a treat to have not only to
irrigate plants, but for kids to play in
on a hot summer day!
Not too water-wise though...

These glass orbs caught my eye as the light
reflected through their mottled colors.

This yard art was simply amazing! 
I could see having a few of these pieces some time in the future!

I'm a sucker for an old wash tub.
Wish I had gone back for one of these.

This piece seemed unusual to me.
I wonder what its original use was?
What a great plant stand or rain barrel it could make.

The only native plants I found were here.
I spoke with Leslie Zambito, the owner,
who was very knowledgeable
and equally supportive about my wanting
to plant mostly natives.
She is a master gardener who promotes
the use of natives and Florida-friendly plants.
She is presently working on her website,
but you can reach her at
A new alliance was made and we will be
visiting her very soon.
Don't cha just love the name?

Here's what came home.
I am looking forward to seeing
how they look in the backyard.
A coontie was finally acquired.  It's one
of the plants I remember first learning about
when the decision to go native occurred.
Everything purchased was based
on the desire to support wildlife
and the need to grow in full sun.
The bamboo tepee was just too cool not to get!