Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birdhouse Gourd

This gourd was acquired from Debbie at
Barefoot Gardeners, where we also
get some of our produce.  I love
buying directly from the farmer.

The gourd is itself a piece of artwork.
Just look at all of the patterns and
variations of hues on this baby.
I know some people paint these,
but the natural look is more my style.
It's been dried so that the interior is hollow.

It was easy enough to carve out a hole
using an exacto knife and a little sandpaper.
A smaller hole up top allows for twine
or string for hanging.
A few holes were made on the bottom
and sides for ventilation and drainage.

The bonus is what comes out when you
shake, rattle and roll. 
Seeds to share (any takers?) so that others
can enjoy these beautiful sculptures
 of nature.

Leftover skewers (or twigs) make an easy perch
for anyone wishing to call this home.

Hope we get some visitors!
Happy (almost) spring!