Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peanuts and More!

This week the arrival of seeds from
had me thinking of
how important it is for us to support
those who provide us with
heirlooms and organics for our home garden.
Southern Exposure is a company which promotes
seeds that do especially well
in the southern garden.

From their website:
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers more than 700 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain and cover crop seeds. We emphasize varieties that perform well in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, although gardeners and farmers from all over the country grow our seeds. We do extensive germination and purity testing to ensure that we always provide the highest quality possible.
Read in our resource library about why
we specialize in heirloom seeds and
primarily offer open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds.

It's always so exciting to get seeds in the mail.
It's especially thrilling to try seeds
from a vendor never before tried.
I thought I'd start with just a few
and see how it goes...

Do these look familiar? 

They are peanuts,
mailed in the shell to protect them. 
I can honestly say that before my awakening
to the self-sufficient lifestyle, it would never have
occurred to me to grow peanuts for our
homemade nut butter.
The more I learn, the more I want to try.
Ambition is a contagious thing...


  1. Daisy, I purchased from SESE also. So far so good with the peppers, peas and carrots. Germination rate is about the same as what they list.

    Tomato's are started but nothing up yet. I am VERY curious about your peanut crop. Please keep us posted. I've never thought about growing peanuts, maybe next year.

    I am trying to grow a feww more "southern" crops this year. I've never tried watermelon or sweet potatoes before.

    My "tastebuds" still want "northern" crops.

  2. I always wanted to try peanuts, but up here I have to get a very short season peanut. I am not sure it would even work. I can't wait to see yours grow. I love boiled peanuts and it is so hard to get organic raw peanuts up here.

  3. Daisy: It sounds fun to grow your own peanuts. Good Luck!

    I saw your comments left at my post, and wanted to head over to thank you for your generous offer of gallardia seeds! Actually I do grow gallardia in my own garden, just have not seen the free seedlings yet. I guess I should try to plant those seed heads to see if I can get more plants out of them! Thanks for your offer though. Gardeners are most generous people, I really believe so!

    While I am here, I also visited some of your old posts. You have a very inspiring blog. Love the way you hide the compost pot underground. I also live in a gated community with lots of restrictions. Yes, a gardener has to do what a gardener needs to do :) Happy Gardening!

  4. tami-Sweet potatoes are soooooooooo easy, plus they offer a beautiful creeping groundcover or climber for a trellis.

    It'll be my first time growing watermelon and peanuts, so I'll definitely be posting about that. Wish me luck!

    Jane-I wonder if you could start them indoors?

    Ami-Welcome! Thank you for your kind words. I love sharing seeds!


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