Sunday, March 27, 2011

Making Seed Pots

I know you can buy those cute lil' peat pots that look
oh-so neat and tidy.  They appeal to an
organized gal like myself. 
But what is even more satisfying,
is knowing that I can make my own seed containers
with stuff just laying around the house.

This paper came in a package we received this week.
You can use newspaper too, if you like.
Any cup or glass will do, as long as it has a wide mouth.

Just fold the strips of paper over a couple of times lengthwise.
Total length doesn't really matter.
It's all gonna end up as compost anyway!

Set the cup or glass on the paper
with about 1" over the open end.
Roll, baby, roll!
What fun for the kids!

Tuck the top parts into the cup
and press it like a mold.
This will end up to be the bottom.

Remove the cup or glass and place the molded part
down on a flat surface.
Place the cup or glass back into the pot
and smash down with your hand.
This should give you a flat bottom.

Your pots should look somethin' like this.
I folded down the rims so that
they would stay together a bit better.

Place potting soil into the pots and plant your seeds!
I had some leftover eggshells, so I used those too.
Water lightly and keep moist until you see
green stuff popping up!

Once the seeds sprout,
you can place the entire pot into the ground. 
No need to transfer or uproot, which is great for plants
that don't like to be moved.
The whole kit-n-kaboodle will deteriorate with time,
and add nutrients to the soil.

This is a great homeschooling project. 
So easy to do and it's always wonderful
when you can make something useful yourself.
Happy sprouting, y'all!

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  1. Very nice! I hadn't thought of the egg shell trick though!

  2. Jane-Nifty and thrifty!

    tami-The eggshells add calcium to the soil.

    Jane-Enjoy! Blessings to you too!

  3. Great idea. I love the idea of using recycled materials for seed starts.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Daisy, thatnks for stopping by my blog! You asked abouth the ammonia in the fertilizer. The ammonia is used to add NITROGEN. Hope that answer your question!!

  6. Mike-It just makes sense...

    Juliana-Thanks for the info!


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