Saturday, March 26, 2011

Making a rain barrel

One of the best things we did was add rain barrels
to our landscape.  The weather patterns here have changed over the   5+ years we have been living in Central Florida. 
No longer can we anticipate any consistent rainstorms
in the afternoon during the summer months.  
It's one of the things I miss most...

Vessels filled with the liquid gold are a sight for sore eyes.
I guess I am easily contented,
but it does my heart good to know that
there will be plenty of clean water
to indulge the plant life around here.
The bonus is that Mother Nature provides it free of charge.

The convenience of having water right next to the garden
makes it less likely that I will forget to keep the soil moist.
I enjoy physical labor, so the idea of carrying water
to its distribution place does not deter me.
Rather, it helps me feel connected to the garden,
and to those who came before me
working as farmers to provide others
with food, flowers and beauty.

Because of the HOA in our neighborhood,
we have been forced to
so it is a bit more trouble to have to tote water
from the back to water the front garden. 
No matter.  I am happy to do it,
knowing I'm not spending one penny
to keep the garden growing.

The following link is from one of my favorite
newsletters, Living the Country Life.
Rain barrels are part of our lifestyle.
How 'bout you?

Making a Rain Barrel
(I miss Paul James.)

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