Friday, March 11, 2011

Juice and Then Some...

It's funny how homeschool activities sometimes happen.
My lil' guy reads a lot.  The amazing thing is that
he retains almost everything he reads. 
One of the gifts of autism.
He read about a character in one of his stories
who was on a "power shake".
So, we made one of our own with what we had on hand.

Organic carrots and apples.
What's not to love?

In the juicer they go.
Delicious, sugar-free sweetness comes out.
We toss the pulp and other remnants
into the compost bucket.

We strain it first, then refrigerate. 
We didn't have any spinach,
but that would have been our next ingredient. 

The bonus is that since my boy is mechanically minded, he had no problem putting the juicer back together
after it had been washed and dried.
Here's hoping you find a yummy
concoction in your juice glass soon.

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