Saturday, May 21, 2011

Purple Passion

I have a thing for blooms in shades of blue.
My favorite color is not blue,
it is periwinkle.

This native salvia spiraling toward the sky
has a wonderful texture.

White phlox with magenta centers.

These wildflowers are a sweet lilac color.
What a wonderful bouquet they would make.

Love the star shape of this subdued beauty.

This popped up the other day.
No idea what it is, but it is delicate and glorious.

Agapanthus blooms are worth waiting for,
as they are quite dramatic.
I look forward to dividing these so that we have even more
to enjoy and share with neighbors.

Meems at Hoe and Shovel has some striking photos
and as always,
lots of great information
about these amazing creations.

These lantana have a deeper purple than is apparent here.
The butterflies just love 'em!

You can't go wrong with petunias.
They look cheery no matter what the weather.
A spattering of white on purple gives an heirloom effect.

Do you have a favorite color scheme in your garden?