Friday, May 20, 2011

Baking, Organized

Several years ago, I decided it would be a good idea
to house all of our baking equipment in one location.
I recently changed the location to have better access
to the things I use almost daily.

We have minimal supplies to get the job done.
I enjoy mixing by hand
rather than using a machine to do the job.
So, you won't find a fancy standing mixer on my countertop.

Our baking station was born.
Old tea towels are used as shelf liners.
I'm not a big fan of plastic-type liners,
as I fear the glue on them will attract bugs.

Here we house our everyday mixing bowls
(these were Big K's mom's). 
The plastic measuring cups toward the back of the lower shelf
are used for homeschooling experiments
and concocting our household cleaners.

There are bread pans and extra glass mixing bowls
(the largest one is the only one
big enough to mix my bread dough).
A couple of Fire King bakeware pans 
are just the ticket for casseroles, cornbread,
meatloaf and roasting veggies.
These peach-hued beauties are a recent acquisition
from a local thrift store.
Love 'em!

What would a baking station be without cookie sheets,
cooling racks and the mighty rolling pin?
 The rolling pin comes in handy 
when the Mister needs some gentle persuading.
A roll of parchment paper is tucked away here.

Two sizes of glass measuring cups are all I need
to make baking our favorite munchies and desserts easier.

Specialty pans like muffin tins and madeleine pans
are found on a top shelf. 
With the measuring cups used for dry ingredients
seated right next to the glass ones used for liquids,
I have everything I need to get the job done
right at my fingertips.

After all,
who wants to wait for their favorite home-baked treat?

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  1. As always, your organization skills are impressive. I love those mixing bowls. If you ever take your skills on the road, I would happily have you make a stop in PA :)

  2. A baking station is such a great idea. I really do need to get myself organized and do one. Thanks for sharing your photos for inspiration - love the idea of tea towel liners too! Love those Fire King bakewear pans. I've been collecting some from the thrift store as well and repurposed my old metal ones to hold utensils for now.

  3. Jane-That would be a blast!

    Heather-Aren't the Fire King pans magical? They just take ya back...Great idea for your metal pans!

  4. Love love love the baking station! And oh my, it's SO organized! Great ideas, thanks so much for sharing!



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