Thursday, July 15, 2010

Found Treasures

I had some time to hit the thrift stores in the last few days. I came upon an old magazine stand that I can sand and paint to bring back to life. Just looking at it reminds me of having only three channels on the television. Can you imagine?
I also found three pieces of Fire King bakeware (two shown). 

I like the idea of going back to baking in glass, porcelain and stainless. These pieces all match in color, even though I found them at different stores on separate days. I guess they were meant to make goodies in my kitchen.
I'm not much on shopping, but finds like these resemble a treasure hunt. I think about the people who owned them before me and I wonder what their life was like, where they used them, and maybe even why they were given up. Everything on this earth has a personal history. 
You just never know what you'll discover if you're willing to really look.

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