Friday, July 30, 2010

I think it's time to move on...

We are looking forward to moving to a place where covenants and restrictions are non-existant. After several violation letters from the home-owner's association, we are ready for a
change. The latest violation is about this rain barrel in the front of our house. I mean, can you even see it from the street? It's painted, it's in the corner of the house, behind a large bush. We've been told that it is not allowed in the front of the house, although there is a state law on the books that no covenant can prohibit Florida-friendly landscaping, including those which conserve water. I am being asked to consult with a committee, so that they can work out some sort of resolution to this percieved problem. I guess the aesthetics of one's home is more important than conserving water for our community and world at large.
Sounds like some mixed-up priorities, if you ask me.
Time to move on to a place where we can live our simple life in peace. Where people are less concerned with appearances, and more in touch with what really matters. I see it coming, and it's gonna be grand!


  1. I lived in one of those for awhile...I kept getting letters that said I need to get rid of my blue tarp on the wood pile as the hardware store has a nice selection of brown and green ones...but THEY wouldn't pay for a "nice" brown or green one! lol!
    You don't belong there Daisy, you belong on your farm where you can put things in a pile and know that all of it has a use and possibility!
    Did you ignore them? You have the nicest rain barrels I have ever seen!

  2. Lisa-I wish that we could ignore them. But they don't go away!!!!!!!
    We don't have the resources to take them to court, and they are quick to start fining people for non-compliance, so we ended up moving it to the backyard. I posted about the whole mess.
    Thanks for your good energy. It'll help us get where we wanna be.


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