Friday, July 30, 2010

I think it's time to move on...

We are looking forward to moving to a place where covenants and restrictions are non-existant. After several violation letters from the home-owner's association, we are ready for a
change. The latest violation is about this rain barrel in the front of our house. I mean, can you even see it from the street? It's painted, it's in the corner of the house, behind a large bush. We've been told that it is not allowed in the front of the house, although there is a state law on the books that no covenant can prohibit Florida-friendly landscaping, including those which conserve water. I am being asked to consult with a committee, so that they can work out some sort of resolution to this percieved problem. I guess the aesthetics of one's home is more important than conserving water for our community and world at large.
Sounds like some mixed-up priorities, if you ask me.
Time to move on to a place where we can live our simple life in peace. Where people are less concerned with appearances, and more in touch with what really matters. I see it coming, and it's gonna be grand!