Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy day

We had a full day on this fine Saturday. One of our first orders of business was to visit the fundraiser in Lakeland. Every year they sell Crape Myrtle trees for just $3.50 each. I've been wanting to go the past few years, but never made it there for some reason or another. Anyway, even though it was barely 9:30 when we got there, there were only white trees left. I bought 2 for our yard and one for a friend. It's too hot to transplant anything right now unless we get a ton of rain, so I'll keep them in the pots for now.

I checked on our pumpkin seedlings and am excited to see them sprouting.
Yipppeee! It'll be fun to see our lil' guy out there picking his own pumpkin. Hopefully, we'll even have enough to share. If you can't get to the farm, sometimes you have to bring the farm to you...

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