Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain is welcome here


I sure do miss our daily thunderstorms. It used to be, especially down south, that every summer afternoon, you could count on a good toad-strangler coming through. Since we've moved to Central Florida, we've noticed that the threatening weather often seems to go around our lil' development. Have I mentioned how much I dislike using city water to irrigate my organic garden? Nature's showers do wonders. There's nothing like a good gully-washer to make everything look fresh and crisp again. The plants soak it up like nobody's business and I find myself feeling renewed. The rain used to cool things off on these scorchers, now it doesn't seem to affect the temperature much. It is a good time to take a nap or read a wonderful book that helps you lose track of time. Yes, rain is always welcome here. Maybe I need to think about moving to Seattle?

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