Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

Each Monday is busy, filled with the rigors of cleaning, laundry and cooking. 

It's come to be a comfortable place, instead of drudgery. 
Over the years as a household manager, 
I've managed to develop a system that works for me. I have certain tasks on particular days 
so I never have to wonder if a chore was completed. 
It also allows me the luxury of enjoying my weekends doing things I enjoy with a more relaxed demeanor.

This weekend was lazy, by anyone's standards. 
The only place I ventured to was the grocery store. I am grateful to be able to have so much wonderful food available to us. Publix carries a good selection of organics and gluten-free items. 
Anything I can't get directly from the farmers or grow myself is readily available there.

I ventured into the yard to note any new developments. 
The cardboard we placed under the pine straw seems to do a better job at weed control than the store-bought landscape fabric.

I managed to capture a few critters on film. Frogs abound! 


The pumpkins are coming along. 
Seems they don't need much but a bit of water
and they are enjoying the semi-shade this hot summer.
I'm hoping that the beds will look a bit fuller come autumn. Gotta keep my eyesopen for deals on plants and seedlings. 
I love seeing the garden come together.
Good thing God made me a patient woman. 
It's worth the wait...

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