Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidings-Divide and Conquer

Yesterday, we featured this lovely on a project post.

African Iris is a mainstay in our Central Florida garden.
It's heat and drought tolerant
and is a vision to behold with delicate white blooms.

Check out this recent post by Meems
at Hoe and Shovel,
an amazing gardening blog.

This Florida-friendly beauty started taking over the area
right next to the entrance to the patio.
One of the best things about these plants is that
once you have one, you'll never be without.
They are divided in just a few easy steps,
so that you can add them to other parts of the garden.


First, dig up the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

Find a gap in the leaves and pierce it with your shovel.

It may seem harsh, but these babies can take it.
In fact, they'll be better off for your efforts.

Here's what resulted from the trim.
New plants that can readily be used in another location.
What could be easier?

Ahhhh, now it's got room to grow!

Spring has sprung, y'all!


  1. I love to divide. I share with everyone and it still seems that I have to much left!

  2. My garden is so new I had not had to divide yet but I think I will have a few things that I will need to divide next spring!

  3. Really pretty! I love iris and have TONS of them in our yard. Last year when I split them, I literally left them on a tarp for two weeks and it didn't phase them. I think iris are indestructable.

  4. Clint Baker-Isn't it great to have something lovely to share?!!

    The Bama Gardener-Some things grow so profusely that it's best to divide them every so often.

    Kim-I agree!

  5. Fantastic post!! I am thankful to have this sort of information which was really needed by me. I got this post when i was searching for organic gardening

  6. GodSon-Glad you found something useful here.


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