Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Simple Thing-Know Your Prices

Our grocery chain always has great
Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) deals.
One practice that helps us use our food budget well
is scratch cooking.
It's all you'll find on this blog.
Another way we save at the grocery store
is to sometimes buy the store brand.
We've been pretty pleased with the quality
as compared to the brand name items.
As prices continue to rise,
we wanted to see if we could improve on our savings.
We decided to do a cost comparison.

A trip was made to our local big-box store
to make note of prices on items we purchase.
I wrote down every item that we use on a regular basis
including the size and price.

Then I made a list of the sequence of items
in the aisles at our grocery store.
The weekly shopping list is written this way
so that we get what we need and time is spent efficiently.
Our coupons are also organized in this manner
so that it's easy and quick to save even more!

The list was typed up in the same sequential order,
making sure to include the brand,
the size and price of each item.

I ended up with four sheets of products.
Now there are clear, concise reference pages
that can be scanned to find the best price.
When I posted about my cleaning routine,
it was mentioned that the weekly sales ad online
was scoured when making the grocery list on Fridays.
That way, I can see what is worth getting at the grocery store,
and what would be a better buy
for the once-a-month stock up.

Adding the price catalogue to the household notebook
will make it so much easier and quicker to
make my grocery list, not to mention
all the time and money saved.
Knowing your local prices really pays off.

One Simple Thing