Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tidings-Bean Tepee

This tepee was recently moved to the backyard.
It was used for ornamental sweet potato vines
and morning glories.
Its new use will be more utilitarian.


We're expanding the edible garden by adding
a bean tepee.
I consulted this book
for the best type to grow in our area.

The nuts and bolts of our project.
We use what we have.

I didn't want to use stakes to anchor the fishing line,
so I tied it to old washers and buried it.

Same for these old screws.
These can be forced even further into the ground,
so I'm thinkin' they should hold pretty well.
Shhhhh, don't tell Big K that I raided his tool drawers!

Once you have the bottom part buried,
tie the fishing line to the top of the tepee.
You want it pretty tight.

Here's where the magic happens...

I bought organic seeds locally,
as the garden isn't really big enough to warrant
purchasing seeds from a catalogue.
Next house I want to go all heirlooms though.

Loosen up the soil around the base of the string or poles.

Add two or three seeds.

Cover 'em up and water 'em in.
Keep them watered for the first week or so,
until they sprout.



take long.

We're on our way to fresh beans!


  1. We like to guess which plant will make it to the top first. We aren't hard to entertain, what can I say!

  2. We haven't grown any climbing beans here, just bush type, but your tepee looks like great fun! Good job on being resourceful to secure it too! :)

  3. That looks fantastic. Can't wait to see you start getting yummy beans off of it!

  4. Can't wait to see your teepee covered in greenery.

  5. Clint Baker-We're the same way!

    katy-You could make a tepee for Little M to hide in!

    Homesteading Quest-Thanks for the good wishes!

    Susan-Me too!


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