Monday, March 12, 2012

Homemade Rice Milk II

About a month ago, the decision was made
to make our own rice milk.
The first recipe I tried can be found here.
I found that version best for baking and cooking,
as it was a bit on the thin side.
I wanted something to use for my daily bowl of oatmeal
and to put in my cup a joe.
This new concoction was found here.
It's basically the same formula as the first,
the difference is that the rice is cooked much longer.

1 C brown rice is cooked in 8 C water and 1 t salt.
Have some extra water handy for diluting.
Thoroughly wash rice.
Add water to pot and bring to a boil.
Stir in rice, cover and simmer 3 hours.
Add salt.

Fill container with 1/2 rice mixture and 1/2 water
(in order to dilute).
Blend until smooth.

Strain twice.
Add 2 T sunflower oil or
4 T maple syrup, if desired.

Makes five 1-pint jars.


  1. Would you have to refrigerate the jars of milk? If not, how long could you keep them "on the shelf"?

    And how does this milk in a cup of coffee compare to coffee with cows milk?

  2. I drank rice milk for much of my childhood. So neat to see you making your own, I never would have thought of it as being possible!

  3. Dani-I'm not sure how long it would keep unrefrigerated, as I keep ours there.
    It's been so long since I've had cow's milk, I couldn't tell you! The one we made was unflavored, so it's a bit different than the commercial soy or rice milks we've bought. Sorry I'm not much help today!!! ;0)

    katy-Just goes to show what we can learn if we just stay open!

  4. I've tried making rice milk before and was disappointed how grainy it was. Does this separate considerably? I wonder if it would work well to cook the rice in my crock pot...

  5. karlamcurry-This second recipe actually does NOT separate. I didn't find it grainy at all. I think the crock pot is a great idea! I'm still tweaking, so stay tuned!


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