Monday, February 6, 2012

Homemade Rice Milk

One of the last times I priced rice milk in the grocery store,
it was over $3 a quart.  Not so long ago,
we paid $1.69 for the same container.
Enough is enough.

I found this recipe online here.

Being lactose intolerant, cow's milk was given up long ago.
Alternative milks have been a Godsend.
They are used in baking, with cereal and
the morning cupa Joe.

I wondered if I could make my own.
It was worth a try...

Brown rice is cooked according to package directions.

1 C of cooked rice is mixed with:
4 C water
1 T sweetener (I used honey)
pinch salt
flavoring as desired (vanilla, almond, etc.)
Blend with hand or standing  blender for 4 minutes.

Strain with cheese cloth or fine sieve.
Transfer to containers.
***Note:  This rice milk is a bit thinner
than what we were used to.
It works well in recipes,
but not quite as tasty as the store bought versions
for drinking straight up.
I plan to try another method later in the week,
so I'll post an update.
You can find the new version here.

Single-serving bags were stored in the freezer
for the next few batches.


  1. I have tried nut milks but never rice milk. I will need to give this a try. And cant wait to see your next recipe.

  2. Jane-I'm surprised you haven't done this yet! I'm gonna try the next one later this week!

  3. Still...a great $ savings even if you just use it in your baking and still end up using store-bought to drink. So great you tried it out. I make almond milk for our baking but my boys find it is also not quite right for on their granola so sometimes I still buy it.

  4. Heather-Great point, although I don't think I'm giving up on finding just the right combination!


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