Thursday, February 9, 2012

One Simple Thing-Bulk Buying

I'm not a shopper.
What I mean is,
you won't find me spending time at any mall
looking for trinkets or tchachkes,
or of all things, browsing...
Can't think of much I'd like less to do.

While I don't enjoy shopping as the hobby it has become
to so many, it is necessary for us at this point.
Part of simplifying is making the best use of
your time, energy and resources.
I'm not a frequent shopper,
but I am a smart shopper.
I shop for groceries once a week.
Thanks to my menu-by-the-month system,
I know exactly what I need for the week's meals.
Each Friday, I scan the online grocery site
for the current week's deals,
make my list accordingly, 
and print out any coupons I can use.

Another way to simplify your shopping is to buy in bulk.

We love our grocery chain and miss it each summer
when we venture up to North Carolina.
(The good news is that they are opening stores there soon!)
They have so many great "Buy one, get one free" deals
on many of the items we use regularly.

So, along with using coupons for these items,
we really save big and it pays to buy
as many as you can reasonably house and use.
We eat pasta at least once a week,
so this is something we always have on hand.


Any time I can find good deals on organic items,
I stock up. 
This pear sauce is wonderful to keep in the pantry
in case we run out of fresh fruit
or to take along on a picnic.
Rather than having to make a special trip to the store
and wasting gas and time,
these hold Lil' Guy over until the next shopping day.

Stocking staples like rice or other grains,
as well as beans and baking ingredients
ensures that our kitchen will always be able
to provide our family with
nutritious, cooked-from-scratch meals.

A bit of planning and organization
once again makes life so much easier.

One Simple Thing

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  1. I'm like you--can't stand clothes shopping or stuff like that, but LOVE to score good deals on staples/things we NEED. Our grocery haul never looks "normal"--it goes by what is on sale. (and our normal weekly fresh fruit!)
    I try to buy a year's worth of something when it goes on sale. I don't think I've ever paid full price for stuff we use on a regular basis. You should see my coffee stash-LOL!

  2. I need to remember to check the online sales flyers more often! Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Yes! Although we don't shop at a regular grocery story anymore, we do go to Costco a couple of times a year to stock up on rice, beans, sugar, etc. There's just two of us, but we regularly go through the bulk bag of rice, and 25# of black beans.

  4. I shop once a month and only go back for a few things like milk or eggs. I always check the stores coupon policy and do as you do with coupons. I also take advantage of BOGO's. They only thing about shopping once a month is the prep time. Hey I don't know if you have a Walgreens nearby but they have 27 rolls of Toilet paper for $10. I though that was a deal!~Ames

  5. Sue-That's the way to do it!

    Katy-My pleasure!

    Ames-Sounds like you've got it under control!


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