Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Things for Organizing by Martha Stewart

Good Things for Organizing (Good Things with Martha Stewart Living)

"A handrail that turns into a pot rack?  A cupboard for a nightstand?  Antiques in the medicine cabinet?  Here are some of our favorite ideas and tips for maximizing space, clearing away clutter, and making your home more welcoming and comfortable, room by room."

This book was a delightful read.  What would you expect from the organizing maven herself?  Wonderful ideas and beautiful photos motivate the reader to begin on the road to efficiency.  The focus in this book is to inspire new uses for items.  Repurposing is a way of using what you have in a different application.  There are a myriad of suggestions to try one's hand at making a home more cozy, comfortable and pragmatic.  If you are just starting to reorganize your life, this book is a great place to begin.



  1. Everyone seems to "scoff" at Martha---I like her ideas. She's a smart smart woman. People seem to hate a successful woman. Why?

    I wish I had a tenth of her talent in the garden!

  2. Sue-She has created quite a life for herself and I for one, admire her greatly.

    You are mighty talented in the garden!!!


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