Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

This weekend was the perfect time to clean up the garden.
We escaped any real cold weather this winter,
but a few plants were affected
by the few freezing days we had.

It's tempting to take care of dead branches
as soon as you see them,
but not advisable.
You never know when a sudden blast of cold air
might return.

Patiently, I waited until the coast seemed clear.

The lantana had frost damage,
but it always bounces back.

It's kinda like starting over again.
Spring holds so much promise.
This will give it a good growing start.

Sweet potato vines don't like the cold.
In fact, they're one of the few crops
that grow in our humid summers.

Our bamboo tepee is cleaned up and
waiting for the next vines to appear.

This salvia has gotten leggy and sparse.

Cutting it back so much may look drastic,
but it should have a synergistic effect on the new growth.

This lemon tree didn't have cold damage,
but was in need of a severe pruning.

Now air can circulate between branches
and hopefully, it will thrive next season.

Tools of the trade are so appreciated.

Spring is just around the corner, y'all!