Monday, July 11, 2011

They're here!

Last year, we were just about to leave on vacation
when caterpillars were spotted
on the parsley patch out front.
I thought for sure we'd miss the metamorphosis.
We did.

These native milkweed plants were
purchased specifically to host caterpillars.
I wrote about it here.

What a welcome sight in the garden this was.

They're here early enough,
that we may get to see the change take place!

Defying the laws of gravity
while hiding from predators!

Just hangin' around!

Gettin' plumper everyday!

Is there anything more magical
than the transformation these
superb critters go through?
It serves as an example
that change can be a dramatic and glorious thing!


These alliums have been very busy lately!

I feel blessed to be even a small part
of these wonders of Nature.


I believe this is a soldier butterfly.
Any experts out there?
Please let me know if I've got that right.

Here's how to tell four similar butterflies apart.
Great photos!


  1. Nature really is a wonderful thing.

  2. I think you might have a monarch butterfly in there too - the top one. And I have no clue what soldier caterpillars look like (and what beautiful butterflies they are, I've never seen them before!) but the caterpillers definitely look like monarch caterpillars to me. You know, for a great science experiment you could bring one inside in a big jar or aquarium with holes in the lid, feed it the milkweed, and when it gets big enough it will pupate on the top to form a chrysalis hanging from the lid... several weeks later it will darken from a bright green until you can see the wings inside, and then it will hatch. beautiful :)
    Katy (can you tell I'm a biology major?! hahahah)

  3. I know some caterpillars are destructive, but they sure are beautiful!

  4. tami-Glad you enjoyed them!

    Jane-It always amazes me!

    Katy-Yeah, the first one is a monarch. Thanks for the idea about the chrysalis.

    Sue-You said it!

  5. Oh, how exciting to have those cats. Hope you get to see the whole process. I never tire of it. Hard to catch the opening of the chrysalis though. It's so amazing!

  6. NanaK-We actually put one in a jar, so it may happen! It really is amazing.


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