Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birth of a Blog

It's hard to believe I've been blogging here for a year. 
It's one of those things where
it seems like it's always been part of your life,
but at the same time, it feels so new.
I can't say I'm much closer to achieving my idea
of a family homestead, but I have learned
a few things along the way.

When I look back at my intentions
for this venue, it truly was
just a place for me to clarify my thoughts
about what I wanted for our future.
I love writing and am grateful to have this creative outlet.
It has since evolved into a haven.
Whenever I log on and head to Maple Hill,
I feel like I'm turning for home.

God has connected me with so many
wonderful people who share my love
of simplicity, nature and the belief that
you pass on the good stuff...

It's been a year of growth and centering
A year where I've learned
that what I know can help someone else
do something in a different way or
find a new perspective in their life.
And I have been touched by so many
generous souls who feel the same need
to share what they know and
keep the good stuff moving...

Gratitude and many blessings
are sent your way today.
Thank you for being part of
my journey to becoming
all that God wants me to be.

Here's to the next year of learning,
sharing and growing...