Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Model Marigolds

Marigolds are one of the best flowers
for a novice gardener to grow.
A great introduction to gardening for kids,
these marvels seem to have a one-track mind-

Happiest in bunches, the bright colors seem to
pop right out of the sea of dark green leaves.

Maybe my need for simplicity is what makes me
plant so many of these.
They are delicate in appearance,
but really don't require much
in the way of maintenance or care.

Beautifully organized petals are dense
and mesmerizing.

Rumored to repel insects,
they are often planted around veggie gardens.

Self-seeding is always a bonus
and these knockouts don't disappoint.


  1. Ah, beatiful-- Marigolds are my husband's favorite flower.

  2. Love the sinky marigold...I actually have a white blooming marigold given to me by a neighbor she paid 2 dollars for 12 seeds...waiting on it to bloom.

  3. Marigolds were the first plants my children ever grew and they hold a special place in my heart. :)

  4. I really like marigolds, too. And the rabbits wont eat them!

  5. I love marigolds, they always remind me of my G-Mom:@)

  6. your marigolds are beautiful daisy - such nice big bunches of them. I love marigolds too, so easy & so pretty :)

  7. I've never done marigolds but your photos might tempt me! Lovely! Jean

  8. I love marigolds too. They're so sunshine-y cheerful!

  9. Hmmm...I like marigolds and for some reason did not plant any this year. Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Oh my goodness! Your marigolds are so huge. I love them too and mine do bloom non-stop even in this heat, but the size of the bush does not compare to yours. You must have steroids in your soil :o

  11. Marigolds are great! And their fragrance reminds me of smelling them as a child...

  12. Marigolds are an old time favorite for sure. Yours are really quite lovely in their neatly compacted mounds.

    I haven't planted them in a few years because they do best in full sun. My mostly shady garden doesn't have enough sunny corners.

  13. Zoey-I can understand why!

    Darla-They are definitely an affordable way to add color to the garden.

    perennialgardener-Aw, that's so sweet.

    Bonnie-Another bonus!

  14. Happier Than a Pig in Mud-Isn't it wonderful how a garden can bring back good memories?

    Katy-Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!

    Jean-Give 'em a try!

    Sue-I couldn't agree more.

    Cindy-Is it too late where you are?

  15. NanaK-I'm actually really bad about fertilizing. These just keep on going...

    Carol-Maybe that's why the bugs don't like 'em.

    Meems-Thanks for the kind words.

  16. Wow! Yours are GORGEOUS! Mine don't look nearly as bushy and wonderful. SO JEALOUS!!!!!

  17. NotSoAngryRedHead-I can't take the credit, I haven't done anything to them! They must just like the spot. ;0)

  18. Your marigold bunches are beautiful. I didn't know that they self-seeded! We usually only plant them around veggies...so I've always considered them more functional than beautiful. Yours are definitely a beautiful display.


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