Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toss, Keep, Sell! by Leah Ingram

"Looking for a way to make money and get your house in order?  Toss, Keep, Sell! teaches you how to turn the junk you haven't used (or even seen!) in ages into cash-while organizing your home at the same time.  To make decluttering easier than ever, each orderly chapter is organized by rooms and daily tasks and features."

The reason I wanted to read this book is because I love all things organizational.  While it does a good job of taking the reader through each room of the home with easy steps to aid in decluttering and reorganizing what's left, the focus seems to be more on making a profit from one's throw aways.  Having had bad experiences with traders on FreeCycle and Craig's List, things are rarely listed there anymore for giveaway or a modest charge.  This book made me rethink using Ebay as a means to jump start our savings account.
As we pare down our belongings in anticipation of moving to our homestead in the (very) near future, why not earn a bit of cash?  Toss, Keep, Sell! gives ideas about what really sells.

For folks who are new to organizing their homes, this book has great charts and quick tips.  There are personal testimonials from people who have decluttered while cashing in.  The author also has a blog where further frugal ideas are shared.  You can find that here.