Friday, July 8, 2011

Backyards:  A Sunset Design Guide
<em>Backyards: A Sunset Design Guide</em> [Book]

"Creating a backyard that's comfortable and enjoyable will make your home feel exponentially larger.  Just think of being able to invite friends and family over for a weekend pool party or summer barbecue, where guests can mingle indoors and out.  This book will guide you through the precess of turning backyard dreams into reality.  Learn how to make the most of small spaces, incorporate the needs of children and pets, and add structures that give even nondescript homes a sense of style.  You'll also find advice on using eco-friendly materials and planning water-wise gardens.  Throughout the book, you'll find words of wisdom from our panel of experts, as well as case studies of their work that will inspire you with possibilities for your own backyard."

This book is chocked full of great ideas.  Vivid photos
capture the overall essence of each garden composition. 
A variety of backyard themes is depicted throughout the book.  The contents are well-organized with topics ranging from Getting Started, to Cooking and Entertaining to Backyard StructuresFor those who are adept at using software, you're in luck.  This book comes with a software disc that will help in the planning stages.  Unfortunately, I find myself frustrated when using these new-fangled things and prefer to put my plan together the old-fashioned way with a pencil and paper.  This is not a do-it-yourself manual.  There are no step-by-step instructions for the myriad of suggested projects.   Instead, general ideas and a visual frame of reference are provided for the reader who is just mulling around possibilities.