Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Break in the Weather

With temps in the 70's today, I thought it a good time to
transplant some of the lovelies I've had in pots.
I think they'll be happy to have room to spread out.

This avocado plant was grown from seed. 
It managed to survive our absence last summer
and the freeze this winter.

 Here's another that I started in a plastic measuring cup,
but never got into the soil.  I guess that's why it's leaning.
As it reaches for the sun, it should straighten out.

 I'm looking forward to hosting caterpillars this spring.
I'm thinking it might be a good idea to plant some parsley next to the two milkweed plants.

This salvia is another native. 
Haven't done a thing to it and it looks mighty fine.

 It was quite a surprise to see these beauties coming up already!  I hadn't planted seeds,
but I guess some of them were left over from last fall. 
Or the birds helped me out.

One luscious strawberry awaits pickin'. 
I transferred one plant to a bigger pot
and the other is in the ground. 
I enjoy experimenting with things like that.

Hoping that spring comes early.
I can't imagine not being able to garden
for months at a time!


  1. I love your lovelies! it was 62 degrees in the UP yesterday! felt like summer! 28 inches of snow gone over night! can't say I am unhappy about it either, it's supposed to get cold again tomorrow but it sure is nice to be able to hop over here and see spring for real! Thank you Daisy, I have horrible spring fever!

  2. We hit the 80's today and will be there the rest of the week. : ) I'm so glad spring is here! Love your sunflowers! Isn't it great when the birds help us out? Where did you find your native salvia?

  3. Lisa-I think spring is just around the corner. Hang in there!

    Floridagirl-I got the salvia at the county extension center last fall when they had one of their plant shows. Great place to find natives and Florida-friendly plants.

  4. Still too cold here, but getting closer to time to plant! I'm very jealous of your avacados! I love avacados and they don't grow here and are so expensive in the stores.

  5. Hi Daisy...I do hope that the extreme cold weather is finished for this year, but I'm holding my breath as I know there will be some chilly days yet to come. Your avocado trees look great. It's fun to grow a tree from seed. Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend.

  6. I can't get enough seeing all signs of spring. That sunflower is incredible and would love to be able to grow avocados. Happy to have come across your blog!

  7. Homesteading Quest-I wish I could send you some!

    Susan-Always nice to hear from you. Enjoy the beautiful weekend.

    ONG-Welcome! I think even us folks in Florida are ready for spring!

  8. How fun to see greenery, flowers and signs of spring. We still have a foot of snow and had plenty more on Monday. Your milkweed is beautiful and very different than the one we get here.

  9. Hi Heather! I am hoping these signs of spring will help those still dealing with winter get through a bit easier. Here's to hoping your snow melts soon!


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