Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lake Luisa State Park in Clermont, FL

This park is a bit less than an hour's drive for us. 
One of the unique features of this sanctuary
is the beach on the lake.  Here you can find
picnic tables so that you can enjoy the view
while having a bite.

This particular park offers RV camping as well as something
few parks offer-cabins.  For folks like us who no longer have an RV
and are considering getting back into camping, it's an ideal solution.
They also offer canoe rentals for those nature lovers
who want to investigate the waterways.

The day was gloomy, but we managed to dodge the rain.
I'm sure the pictures would be much different
with a bit more sunshine. 
Just another reason to make the trek back!

New-growth pine trees sprout up all over.

The start of our journey. 
Isn't it inviting to wonder where the trail leads?
Kinda like life, huh?

We thought this beautiful specimen would be just right for climbing.

I never tire of seeing trees.

We noticed that some of the trees had no branches along one side,
as seen here on the left side of this skyscraper.

Seed pods just waiting to find their spot.

Trails are well-marked (see the blue paint on the trees?)
to keep you on your path.

 A peaceful feeling envelopes you
as you relish the stillness.

I hope you'll take the time to visit one of our
lovely state parks soon.
I look forward to exploring the next one!