Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Key is Never Just a Key

I realized the other day that in the past few weeks
I've been given keys. 
One key was for a new job I started and the other
was given to me by the park ranger
at Lake Kissimmee where I volunteered. 
Now, if you're most people, you think they're just keys. 
Me, I don't work that way. 

I got to thinking that it must mean more
(Some folks have said that I think too much.) 
These keys were both given to me
when I started something new. 
Keys open doors, and these new experiences may very well
open up new possibilities for me
 in my homesteading journey. 
 It's something to think about (at least, if you're me...)

Along the same lines,
I wanted to share something that happened this week. 
It was about 5ish and hubby was in the living room
watching tv before getting ready for work. 
I was awake, but still in bed.  I heard a change of pressure
in the house.  Hard to describe. 
Anyway, I came out to the living room and I noticed
hubby was standing out front. 
He said someone had tried to walk into our house. 
When the door wouldn't budge,
the person peered into the glass on the door. 
They must have seen hubby, and took off. 

Of course, we called 911 right away and they were here
in just minutes. 
We're okay and nothing was damaged,
but I thought I would share
an idea one of the deputies recommended to us. 
He said to replace the 1 1/2-inch screws in your strikeplate
with 3-inch screws for added security. 
It provides more strength to the door. 
Needless to say, I've had our resident handyman
working on that. 
I know this is off-topic,
but I thought it was important enough to share. 
If it keeps one person safe, it's all good.
Be safe out there.