Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrifty by Marjorie Harris


"Here are solid tips on how to haggle, how to find fashion deals, maintaining home and hearth on a budget, 
and money-saving ideas on gardening, travel, and entertainment. Thrifty is full of savvy advice drawn from Harris's own experiences, and those of frugal friends."

This book delivers. It's packed with simple, easy ideas 
for getting what you need (or want) at the best possible price. It's a how-to written with a bit of wit and lots of practicality, which appeals to me. An easy read filled with ideas about gardening, homekeeping, cooking and how and when to haggle or barter.

One of my favorite tips on gardening was 
"Make sure you have someone you'll be sharing your harvest with. Deciding on who grows what can turn 
an individual garden into a community garden 
with very little organization." 
Just think, we could feed each other right in our own neighborhoods!



  1. Hi Daisy...That's a great garden idea, especially for people like me who have a very small garden. I could use some tips on haggliing over price...I'm not good at it at all. Thanks for the info on the book. I'm always in search of a good book.

  2. I tried to "hint" some of my neighbors into gardening. Suprised me that no one else joined in. I did distribute the overabundance of zuchinni and cucumbers...serves them right!

  3. Susan-I can assure you, it's worth the time.

    tami-Kill 'em with kindness, eh?

  4. We shared our garden last year with our elderly neighbors.Needless to say they were happy! So we all got a blessing.I am following your blog, you are welcome to follow mine as well . Blessings jane

  5. How wonderful! Now, that's a good neighbor! Welcome, Jane.

  6. I think I'd really like this book. I think I'm pretty thrifty but I know I really have so far to go. We're trying to grow enough fruits and veggies to begin bartering for other things we need/want like grass fed beef. Thanks for sharing at Non Fiction Book Love.


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